4th March2022

I can't believe it, this website will be 20 years old this year! So it's about time we added some new features. Starting with the 1980's we now have some free printable birthday cards with information about the year you were born, and also some generic 80's themed cards. You will also soon see information about the year, such as sports winners and top movies.

12th February 2022

For anyone born on or after 20th June 1995 we've added a link to the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.

10th February 2021

Updated to reflect change of US President and also Chinese New Year for year of the Ox.

15th July 2018

Made a correction to the "how long until your next birthday" calculation, so that instead of showing zero days on your actual birthday it says that "today is your birthday".

Added a feature to show "how long until" a future event, for example Christmas, your next birthday or a special occasion.

29th June 2018

Wow! Over four million visitors to the site now, so time to freshen up the look and feel of the site a little to keep with the times and to make it work better on mobile devices. Still looking to add even more fun facts about the day you were born!

10th May 2014

Coming soon! More facts about the day you were born. We've been working on some extra information to show you about your star sign, the day you were born and so on.

6th August 2013

Site update to use a HTML5 responsive design so it works better on tablet and mobile devices. We've also added some more options to allow you to:

  • Specify the time you were born
  • Specify a specific future date and time to calculate the results for

We've also added some more fun facts links.

1st April 2012

We've had some hosting issues so have moved the site to be hopefully more reliable. You may have experienced some downtime during the transfer, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

22nd September 2010

Seasons calculation updated to use the Meteorological definition of a season. I am also hoping to add some more fun date related facts to the results page in the near future.

15th May 2008

I've added the Google Translation widget, you will find it at the bottom right corner of every page. You should now be able to view the site in languages other than English!

9th May 2008

There is now an option to alter the seasons for those of you that live in the Southern hemisphere. Enjoy!

8th May 2008

We're back! After very little happening with the site for just over four years I have decided to revamp the site and add some new features. Coming soon:

  • Flip the seasons if you live in the Southern hemisphere
  • Personalised birthday certificates
  • Possibly birthday cards
  • More links to sites with information about the day you were born

All this should be coming in the next week or so - please keep checking back!

28th Feb 2007

Finally updated the links to other sites - hopefully they all work now!

3rd May 2004

I added the Visitor Survey today so I can get an idea of the kind of features you would like adding to the site. Click the "Visitor Survey" link at the bottom of this page to take part.

8th January 2004

Wow! 1 million visitors, thats amazing. When I first made this website I didn't think that it would even manage 100 visitors let alone a million. Thank you all for using the site, hopefully in the near future I will be adding some new features and more sites of interest.

31st October 2002

I've had a request from a lady who is 103 years old to add some dates before 1900 so she can find out about her birthday. Now you can select back as far as 1890! I might enable you to enter any date at some point, though it will have to be for dates after October 15th, 1582, as that is the start of the Gregorian Calender that we use today, and before that date any calculations would be inaccurate.

Its the 31st October today, so "Happy Halloween" to you all!

22nd September 2002

I've added a link to the website A Half Century of British Number Ones on the more information page. I'm currenly looking out for more sites to link to, so if you have any ideas plase let me know.

8th September 2002

Wow, August was a good month for the site, we had nearly 40,000 visitors! I guess it must be the summer holidays! I should be adding a few more links to the site in the near future, and some more pointless facts that might be of interest.

26th June 2002

I've fixed a small problem with the "how old you are" calculation which lead to the Years, Months and Days being reported incorrectly. Big thanks to an eagle eyed visitor for spotting that one and letting me know! Other good news is that was Pirate Pete's Site of the Day on Beyond... The Blackstump on June 24th.

19th June 2002

I've done a small update to some of the site content, the biggest of which is the inclusion of banner adverts at the top of each page. Whilst the aim of this site is pure fun and not to make money the hosting has to be paid for... Anyway, there will only be respectable banner adverts that don't take too long to download, and I won't be having any "pop-up" adverts. I don't think the banners detract from the "clean" look and ease of use of the site.

Has anyone got any ideas for things such as more statistics or features they would like to see on If so let me know and I'll look into it.

6th June 2002

I must admit I've been surprised by the number of hits has been having, quite literally thousands more than I was expecting! Thank you all for visiting and remember to tell your friends about the site.

I have fixed the "31st" problem, whereby any birthdays on the 31st of a month were declared to be invalid. I have also added links to other websites, so you can now find more information such as famous people or events that share your birthday. If you know of any more good history sites I could link to then please let me know, you can find my e-mail address here.

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